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Sandra Chabot10 Ways You Can Make 2015 Your BEST Health Year - Sandra Chabot

10 Ways You Can Make 2015 Your BEST Health Year

How to make this your best health year yet with 10 simple wellness tips you can incorporate into your daily routine TODAY!

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. Everyone is so open to new possibilities and full of hope of what the New Year might bring. It’s a fresh start for all, and also the perfect opportunity to set some inspiring personal goals.

I always say that every day can start to be the best day, so why can’t every year start to be the best year? Click here for today’s tweetable.

It can.

Here are 10 easy tips to get you started towards your best health year!

1. Write your goals down
It’s not enough to simply think about your goals these days. Writing them down is an absolute must. Not only has this been shown to increase the likelihood of you achieving these goals, but it’s also a great way to keep track of your accomplishments from year to year.

2. Start a morning routine
If you wake up before everyone else this equals guaranteed YOU time. Some of the most successful people in this world are the ones who get an early start to their day. It’s the best time to get yourself organized and energized, whether this means ten minutes of silent meditation, going for a run, or making a delicious breakfast. A good morning leads to an even greater day!

3. Eat breakfast
You like having energy right? Then DO NOT skip this crucial piece of amazing health. Your body depends on healthy fuel to function and if it’s running on empty, well you may experience what is called the dreaded afternoon slump. You wouldn’t drive to work on empty so don’t leave the house with your body’s energy stores on empty either.

4. Drink more water
Not drinking enough water can play a role in many issues such as fatigue and headaches, yet most people won’t ever make the dehydration association. Aim to drink the same amount of water each day, and always have a glass of water or water bottle with you so you stay hydrated from morning to night.

5. Drink less booze
After living alcohol-free for one solid year, I can sincerely vouch for the profound effects this has had on my health and overall wellness. Trust me – ain’t nothing like waking up every day without a hangover. Simply put, alcohol messes with your digestion and your brain. It also creates a heavy work load for your liver, which is the body’s main site for detoxification. Make a mental inventory of how much and how often you’re drinking, then write out a plan for cutting that amount down.

6. Reduce your sugar intake
In my household we refer to sugar as a very bad D-word. So bad, I can’t even say it here. Refined sugar is extremely harmful to the body, leaving you more susceptible to illness and an overall crappy feeling. The worst part is that sugar is disguised under other names and hidden in a bunch of different “food” products out there. If you have a big sweet tooth, opt for natural sweeteners such as raw honey and maple syrup, which at least offer some nutritional value.

7. Sweat it out
Exercise is a very important component to the health of your body, mind, and soul. As you begin to exercise regularly, you may notice everything just gets easier – you feel better, you’re happier, and you smile more.

8. Just smile more anyway
The simple act of smiling can create a magnitude of change in your life. Smiles are contagious, creating change in the lives of those you interact with day-to-day. Plus, it’s way easier to make better wellness decisions when we’re already feeling good. Turn your frown upside down and start hitting the bulls-eye on more of your health goals.

9. Let go of your cell phone
Spending an hour each day detached from your cell phone and other electronics can have profound effects on your health. We spend so much of our time scrolling on our phones, checking out how other people are spending their day instead of actually making the most of our own. Take this time off to really get grounded and read a book, organize your closet, or enjoy a cup of tea. Soon you’ll notice you have more time to do the things you really love, and maybe even discover or rediscover some of your greatest sources of passion.

10. Stress less
Stress has been one of the biggest villains in sabotaging my own wellness goals. For example, if I felt uber stressed I would get sick. Being sick would take a toll on me physically and mentally, and then I’d feel like I had lost out on all the hard work I had put in. Finding techniques to better manage stress and even eliminate it is a step you must take if you want to make this your best health year. Meditation works wonders!

If any of these ten tips really pop out at you, then it may be wise to start with those. Creating change doesn’t mean you have to take huge leaps. Start with a few things at a time and by doing them consistently, over time they will snowball into a better lifestyle.

Stay anchored in the belief that if you make better choices now, every moment can be your best moment – no matter what may come your way.

In bloom,
xx Sandra

Posted on January 6, 2015 in Inspiration, Wellness Tips

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Responses (2)

    January 8, 2014 at 9:48 pm · Reply

    Hi Sandra,
    Your inner beauty comes through to the outer layers as well. Blessings!
    Two things jumped out at me:
    – “Write your goals” I’m going to start a journal with goals and accomplishments. I get so involved with everything else, that I forget about myself.
    – Stress less. This will be harder, because I live amid stress at work and at home, but I will keep working on reducing stress
    – I already drink lots of water and started swimming again.
    – Many people at work tell me: Victoria, keep smiling. I guess it means I do smile a lot 🙂
    Take care Sandra. Thank you for sharing these wise thoughts with us.

    • Sandra Chabot
      January 13, 2014 at 7:20 pm · Reply

      Thank YOU so much for sharing!

      It’s so important to make time for yourself each and every day, even if it’s only a couple of minutes. I know it can be hard to fit that in with so many obligations and such busy lives. Here are two of my favorite ways to incorporate “me time” into my schedule.

      Sometimes I love to just take a quick time out, lay down on the bed with my eyes closed, and do some deep breathing. It’s extremely calming and restorative, and only takes a few minutes.

      Another simple method I use is to make myself a cup of tea and just sit quietly sipping it and truly ENJOYING every sip. If I’m really spoiling myself I’ll add a piece or two of some high quality dark chocolate.

      Keep up the swimming and smiling. It’s good habits like that that go a long way in conquering stress!

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